Monday, March 26, 2007


In this song I imagine a group of people playing instruments in a farm with multiple things they find or real instruments. Then, later in the song it changes to a restaurant place, with the guy playing the piano, it is a very fancy place; it reminds me of me going to fancy restaurants.

In this song the first thing that comes to my head is of a farm like in the US. It reminds me of guitars playing; it’s like a solo guitar. It reminds me going to Texas in US because of farmers and the type of atmosphere, of cowboys and that. Also I imagine like a party in the farm where all the people are together to celebrate something important like a marriage or something like that.

In this third song the style is like sad, something comes to my head like the war against African guerrillas fighting against USA. In the scene lots of dead people, because of the sad type of music, only lots of war and dead people, fighting for something, later in the song converts more fast and happy so I imagine of a river and people going inside it, it changes later to the war scene. In the song there is lots of people singing most of them are in like a sad mood of singing so the things that come to mind are like sad things, funerals, deaths, war. Because of the accent of the people singing in this song I think is like African people singing and because is sad I think is something’s like funerals, deaths, and/or wars.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Effects of global warming

The page I use to get the info was
Effects of Global Warming.

Scientist has predicted many things for global warming, some of this thing for human life and environmental are numerous and varied. There are lots of effects but the most abundant one is the increasing temperature globally. Other of the changes that are mostly talked in present day about this effects are rising seas, extreme weather, and the expansion of tropical diseases. In some of the places on earth this changes are already noticeable and this changes are taken very bad effects and are killing people. The effects of global warming are divided into mitigation and adaptation.
Mitigation: Mitigation are all the actions we take to reduce global warming
Adaptation: Adaptation are the actions to reduce the negative effects of global warming

Climate changes are to be the most harmful of the effects of global warming, because these are projected every where globally. This includes slowing the circulisation of the currents in the sea, the melting’s of icebergs and ice sheets. One bad thing of this is that there is not timing the hypothesis is that is happening very slowly, but with the global warming going grater the ¨very slowly¨ goes to , fast. Sciences academies said that the green house warming may increase and so many climate disasters, if we don’t stop. There is no suability about positive inserts of global warming, but what is mostly known are negative hits on us.

The most consequences of this are higher temperatures, and higher sea, what is expected in this century is that the global level of sea will rise about 50-200 cm, such of a rise of sea will cost many lives an about 7,000 square miles of land ONLY in the United States.

What I learned: Like I said on my before post about ¨digging into my subject ¨ I said that in this topic of the "Global Warming Causes and effects" will not bring me many new things and very sure of it because I’ve seen a lot of it. Is not that I know everything but I am certainly sure that I know lots of it. But I , here , learned that the level of sea will rise about 50-200 cm, and that this rise will cause many damages and deaths linking of loses of houses lacks of food etc, also that Global warming is divided by the scientist like Mitigation and by Adaptation. Mitigation that are the actions we take to reduce global warming, and Adaptation that is actions to reduce the negative effects of global warming.

What I think: Well I Would not change my way of thinking. This information that I got here if you look in other parts are basically the same because global warming is globally so the effects around the world are the same, basically. And I also think that this is silliness because we are killing ourselves with things that we created industries, cars, ships, wars, etc.

Where my path leads: I hopefully think that all of this will lead me into a great conclusion to try to stop killing ourselves.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

diggin deeper into my subject

Diggin into my subject (Global warming) is another way to say that I am going to research and make this my final topic (hopefully), because I dont have any idea if I had to change my topic for any reason, beleive me i wouldn't like it anything.

What they said in this great page are things that are not new to know, this people say the same.

Things that they say are;

-That carbon dioxide levels are higher than ever recorded in earth, this caused by cars, industries, burning fossil fuels, etc..(not new)
- Global warming is caused by man, so we can blame them of doing things that are killing us. Natural disasters are being greater and are more casuals(Not new)
-Scientist said that if we dont act know may be in 50 or 60 years we will be living in a water less planet(new)

What I learned - Well scince I decided that this will be my final topic for the Teen Life Project, I knew from the beggining that in this topic of "Global Warming Casuses and effects" will not bring me many new things. Is not that I know everithing but I am certantly sure that I know lots of it. For example I knew that something called The Green House Effect is something that is damaging our world right now this The Green House Effect is when the carbon dioxide that WE the humans drop into the atmosphere, not rarely there is a warm air layer on top that retains most of the carbon dioxide that we drop off, the efect of this is that the temperatures of earth rise violently. Another thing that I surely know is that all of this global warming and pollution thing is that all of this is our fault.

What I think- I think that what I wrote in the beggining, about those back there. I get really mad everitime I see in the news about hurricanes, fires contaminated sea, air pollution, when I see that, I reallyze that people dont get it, people dont get that the planet is in its ending years, they dont get that we are dieing slowly and painfully, and also that the worst thing, it looks or if Im wrong, we are not doing anything! It is just silly to see that! I am so mad at the people. I cannot do anything because I am just a teen ager, and that this is a very big planet I cannot do it alone , but if I could I'd just do it immediatly I will try to save us.
All of the things that you sea in the news about Global warming and/or pollution is not a game and we have to act immediatly. I just think that this is something silly because is the same as if we kill our selves. I just wanted to know some of this... Why are we contaminating if we know its bad? What are some things that we can do to stop this?

Where my path leads- I hope that this Teen life project make me think of things that can help the world reduce global warming or pollution, because then it would be a very good thing. I would love to help reduce the glonal warming or pollution.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Pollution-(Global Warming)-

Thinking of my final topic for the teen life proyect, I would like to choose Pollution or also like I like to called, globlal warming. These is something that is bad for us the teen agers . Looking for good information and also a very good internet page , for information to this teen life proyect ,I looked in this one, click here (Pollution). This was not the only page i visited also This are some of the things I got from that internet page.

"Scientist agreed the Earth's climate is being directly affected by human activity, and for many people around the world, these changes are having negative effects. Records show that 11 of the last 12 years were among the 12 warmest on record worldwide. Carbon dioxide levels today are nearly 30 percent higher than they were prior to the start of the Industrial Revolution, based on records extending back 650,000 yers. According to NASA, the polar ice cap is now melting at the rate of 9 percent per decade. Arctic ice thickness has decreased 40 percent since the 1960s. The current pace of sea-level rise is three times the historical rate and appears to be accelerating. The current pace of sea-level rise is three times the historical rate and appears to be accelerating".taken

What this says here is that on the last recorded years scientist has conlude that humans are directly affecting earth by our activity, some things like burning fossil fuels, and other things that are damaging our earth and the atmosphere. Also that the carbon dioxide leves are higher than normal, this a producer of the green house effect that is when carbon dioxide is concentrated inside earth and it retains most of the heat from the sun, making also the polar ice cap melt 9 percent each decade! That is not the only thing also scince the 1960 ice thickness has reduced a 40 percent making sea levels rice and having lots of floods near costal areas.

Lots of bad things are happening to our earth right now, most of them are bad killing people our around us, but the worst thing is that is our fault, we are killing people, and we are all guilty for what is happening and all the casualties around the world.

I choose this topic (global warming) because I think is the most affective one right now in our lives around the world. And because we are teen agers in the future our lives are going to be horrible, we might suffer and lose our families, all because of our fault and other people. We have to stop this. But how? We should talk in our citys and making people realize for what is happening right now, many people dont now and its our turn to tell them that we are killing our selves slowly and that we are not doing any thing to stop it. We shold react to the world. We are the future of this world and we can not suffer...

Monday, January 29, 2007

I read Dereks blog and...

Today, January, Monday 29 of 2007, I read Derek´s blog, he is from Canada and studies in the school of Excellence and Imagination. In this Teen life project, some schools like Kuala Lumpur in (Malaysia), Cartagena in (Colombia), and Broadway in (Virginia) interact from different parts of the world talking about some issues that we, the TEENAGERS, can have a real bad issue in our lives in the future.

Derek wrote one same thing that I also wrote about ,for example, I wrote about Pollution (Also Derek), can be one of those issues that can interact in our lives, dangering it, and making it shorter to live, by making thinner the ozone layer, contaminating the air around us, and also the biggest source of water, the sea. Derek the guy from Canada also wrote about pollution, I agree when he said that Pollution affects every body not just a certain place in the world, pollution is every where we can go. We, normal people, can help stop pollution, like starting to not to throw trash on rivers, oceans, streets, but puting trash in a trash can. Also what we can do is to help recycle, so factories dont have to do new materials and throwing harmful gases into our atmosphere, or making oxigen very bad to breathe, making diseases, and making more deaths.

There is also one more thing that I wrote about that I think most people should agreed with, is something called Technology . Maybe when you hear that word you may think of an Ipod, TV, xbox, Playstation, Computers, Cell phones ,etc. Or when you hear this word you would think this as something good, but moste of the time it is not good. Time passes , and so machines that do better job than humans comes around. When this "machines'' arrive to factories humans are being replaced, because machines do a better, and more efficient job. How can this be related to the teen life project? Well, what if a person that is replaced with a machine have kids, and that person does not get a job, those kids will grow poor and provably die , because of hunger thirstinnes, etc.

There is one more thing I agreed with Derek that he wrote in his blog that was the issue of smoking. I agreed that not only the people that smoke is affected, is also the people around the people that actually smoke. I read some where that nearly three thosand peolpe dies every year in the United states, because of only smelling ciggar smoke, just imagine the people that actually smoke... As always there is a question in my mind. This one is bout smoking. Why do people smoke, when they know that smoking is killing you slowly? (If please some one can answer this question just comment me back).

Hey! Derek you've got a nice blog there, you have really nice issues for the teen life proyect that is coming around.
If any one wishes to go by and take a visit to dereks blog click here...

Mr. Hide here is my 500 blog post.

Monday, January 15, 2007

°|Augusto In Cartagena|°

Hi, my name is Augusto V, I’m 12 years old, I have a sister called Natalia, and she is older than me, she is 15. My Dad is in the military, I hope he retires in any moment, because he is risking his life; my mom is the house keeper and she is very useful for my family. I was born here and I have to move to the capital city of Bogotá for 5 or 6 years because of my father's work, then I move to Cartagena for some years I live in Cartagena, Colombia, and I study in a great school called ¨Colegio Jorge Washington¨ this is a bilingual school and I have many friends here.

In my school teachers are very friendly and funny, but when it gets down to study things go serious. I am in 7*B, with Mr. Hide, he teaches us English, and Social studies, we have other teachers like Miss. Hall, that teaches us math, and Miss. Alba, that teaches us science. This are very interesting subjects and, I like some of them. To get to school I have to wake up at 6:00 A.M, to get to school at 6:30 A.M, school finishes at 2:30 P.M

My life here at Cartagena is very cool, I get to hang out with my friends to places like Mc Donald’s, El campito 2010 that is an artificial soccer field that is very cool, also I like to go is to the cinema in which the people show very good movies. Sometimes when I have anything to do I have my XBOX 360, which is very useful for me, because I play it when I’m bored. In the teen life projects I might use some of the subjects like, Global warming, and technology, because these are very important subjects that can rely us in the future, like in a way that is daggering our life and shortening our life expectancy.

Some thing that is affecting our world right now is something called Global warming. This is that many affects are happening because the green house effect. More cars are been bought, and being used, throwing harmful gases into our atmosphere, shortening everybody’s life period and making us suffer from damages. This is not one's persons fault is everybody's fault, because many people are not doing the right thing to do, which is to buy cars or use a type of transportation that throws harmful gases.

Technology like we know it, can be good but also bad, a great example (for good) is that there are better machines are being used to save peoples life...but most do not. Machines also make jobs better than humans, so the cause is that humans are being replaced, making humans lose their jobs and to reach an economic dead line or problem. I think that humans can do, is to make machines that do something good, and that they don’t replace humans...

These are things that I would want to involucrate in my Teen Life Project.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Respond to Maple Street's Monsters

I read this story called Monsters are due On Maple Street, it is a science fiction story written by Rod Serling, from an old show called The Twilight Zone. At the end of this story there was a clear message that two aliens talk about, they say that humans pick their most dangerous enemy they can find to destroy it, the aliens were kind of manipulating the people of maple street, that were eating themselves alive, the aliens said that the only thing they have to do is to sit back and watch. The message is that ¨Tools¨ of conquering were not onlyweapons, but could be thoughts, actions, or prejudices. One big example is when the car of a men called Les Goodman went on alone when nothing was working , especially electricity, the people blamed him a lot making a big conflict in the story.

I think this message is, in a sort of way, significant to the people but still has significance in today's world, by sying that conflitcts with contrys not only form by wars, or weapons, but they can form by one contry´s, opinion, or action. Same thing happens not to only countrys but humans, one example is, when a kid says to play one game that other kid doesnt like, there comes problems.

One thing of the story that I see that for the people to read it know is the date of when it was made. The story was made in the 1960´s, and now that we are in the 2000´s, I think the story needs a little of updating. The most important update they need is the use of technology. The the little thing they have to change is the using of words, or the way that they talk.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why Sports Are Useful For People

When I see people in t.v that are pretty fat, that can barely walk, I receive millions of things that say to go outside to do something, to run, jog, play soccer, in many others.

Fat people, are people that have a lot of calories, grease, carbohidrats, wich is obiusly very bad for the heart. When you eat alot of calories, those calories stick to your vains and arteries, that makes the blood to circulate badly. Calories in eccess can give you alot of dissises, including heart attacks, and less life expectancy.

The life of a person that is athletic, or that practice sports at least one hour a week, burns a lot of calories, and keeps the calories from sticking to your vains, making you more fit, protecting you from deadly disises, making your life healthier, and giving you more life expectancy. The only thing you have to do is not only sports, if you only practice sports you will burn a lot of calories wich is very bad if you dont eat well. Doing sports ,eating proteins, and vitamins, is very good, in fact, is exellent, because with it it will improve your hearts health.

I have a balanced diet of proteins vitamins and sports. Iam doing very good with my health.

I feel very sorry for the people that are fat, or overweight, I hope that the people make special programs of health to help the fast people to reduce calories, etc.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Short Story Draft

A bright sunny Friday in the month of October, my friends and I were hanging out at the Campito 2010, the idea to play a soccer match came blazing to my head, I told everybody. They loved the idea, so I went immediatlyto make out the teams, I was playing with Juan, Jorge, Raul, and their teams. My team was with Jorge, and Raul. In the other team there was Juan, with his team that were other people.

Juan Gets angry easily with whatever thing they say to him, Raul makes lots of goals and he plays very good, Jorge he also plays good but he plays fair, and I am smart enough to figure out the other team’s tactics, and I also play good.

The match started, we had the ball," Jorge, Jorge, here pass!" I exclaimed.

Jorge yelled at me, "Here take...Look, Raul is open go ahead pass to him! Fast!"

The ball was going directly to Raul´s chest, he stopped the ball with his chest, he was wide open, he looked at the goal of the other team, he shoots... He Scores! "GOAL!"

All my team yelled, we went to celebrate "Yes! Good Raul, nice work!" Jorge said.

As always Juan was angry because of Raul´s goal. "Hey everyone we are winning one to zero" I announced, so that I make Juan even angrier.

At the center of the field, the other was kicking off to go off again. Juan received the ball, I went immediately to attack, I slide to the ball but Juan maked a tremendous jump, and he jumped over me with the ball, Juan went running very fast, he looked at our goal, Juan tooked the shot, the ball went to fast for human eye, it was extremely fast, our goalkeeper tried but he missed, it was a goal.

Now our team was a little angry about that goal, but never as angry as Juan.

"So, what’s the score?" Juan asked our teammates just to makes us even angrier.

Jorge answered "Hey Juan, we know your angry but can you stop? And we’re tied one to one",

But get ready for more goals!" Juan said laughing. The game was challenging, we were tied one to one.

There was only five minutes to play, this was the last try for my team to score a goal. Jorge passed to me.

I was near the center of the field going to the enemy side."Hey! I’m open, high pass!" Raul said, immediately I looked at him and I pass the ball, everything was happening in slow motion.

Raul stopped the ball with his chest, he let the ball bounce once, and then he kicked... "GOAL!" I yelled with Jorge. Raul went up immediately to Juan's face and yelled "Goal! Your team sucks"

Juan's face was red because of the anger. When Raul went to celebrate Juan kicked Raul on the ankle so hard that the bone obviously broke, or even twisted.

I was extremely worried, I only saw Raul´s face and it seemed that something was wrong. Jorge went to Raul who was laying painfully holding his ankle, on the floor, Juan was at his goal ignoring our calls, talking to his goalkeeper about us , trough the lobby, where a lot of people was looking at us, we were carrying Raul to the hospital, to get his ankle revised for if something was wrong, he was cring because of the pain, I saw his face a lot of times, he looked like as if he was going to die, the pain must has been incredible. Later after we arrive to the hospital Raul, the doctor sent Raul to X-rays, that showed that Raul's ankle was broken, we were worried for Raul, we all visualized how will his life will change with the ankle broken, will he play again? We dident know .The doctor put cast on Raul's foot. The problem was a big deal , Juan didnt have a reason to kick Raul on the ankle, at last Raul got better. Many days later Juan apologize to Raul, now they are good friends again.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Why Messenger Is Useful For People..

The thing that many people say about Messenger, is that Messenger is mostly bad for many reasons. The only thing I want to clear out is why messenger is very useful.

First of all, what I do in messenger, when I don’t have anything to do, I only chat with my friends, and to talk about many things, problems, what you did that day, what are you going to do, with many more things to talk about. I think that doing that is helpful because, or you get to know new friends, or you can chat with friends you have a problem with and solve it, and many but many more things that can turn very helpful in your life at a certain time.

Second, is that, for example if your typing an essay in Word , and your printer doesn’t work, so in messenger you can send the document to a friend and to tell your friend to print the essay for you. In other examples , like using Blogger, when finishing what you were writing, and you hit ‘’Publish Post’’ and it says Network not working, you can copy paste, what you were writing to a friend and tell him to go into your Blog and to paste the information there and then to publish, all of this through messenger. This is helpful, for no getting in problems with your teacher for not doing the homework you should’ve done.

This are my opinions of why messenger is helpful, and in what only two ways I use messenger for. Messenger haves a lot of good things that can help you in your life for a moment, but not forgetting all the bad things it has, so I am always carefull with everything.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A Living Nightmare...

Imagine yourself going to a two years planned vacations. (1)You are going with your mother, father, sister, and your best friend. This was a perfectly planned vacation, nothing could ever go wrong; but I would think that twice. We were going to three main places (2) Cartagena, Barranquilla, and then back to Cartagena. We started at the sea in Cartagena. (3)The sea was dirty, filthy, and dark. Off course we didn’t think about it, we didn’t even went in, we just went to the car to go to Barranquilla, (4)the trip was in a chiva those long busses, it was long and horrybly hot!. I perfectly remember, (5) it was a Friday, it was in the afternoon turning into evening, and a pretty boring. We thought this vacation was going to be perfect, but as it looks, it was not. At the hotel in Barranquilla, the reception was hot, dirty, and they were slow to attend. (6) Yes, this is scary, but I had to get over it. What I was so a shame with was (7) while opening our apartment door,there was this nice family that thought there room was ours, so we had to fight over it, and all the hotel came to watch.Thankfully we've won it, but all of the sudden another family came saying that we were wrong, and that it wasn’t our room! Finally, we just went back home and didn’t have any vacations! At our house we found that (8) under the bed, we found the correct vacation planner!

(1): Independent clauses
(2): Prepositional
(3): Modifiers.
(4): Phrases
(5) Introductory adverb clause.
(6)Yes, No, Interjection
(7)Introductory participial phrases
(8) Introductory prepositional phrases.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Why I Sail...

Sailing has been my life of my great grand father, my grand father, my father, and me. Its my life and I hope it continous to be my life until I get really old.

To know how all started I had to first set an investigation of my great grand father, my grand father, and my father.

All started with my great grand father, he was born in 1909, and sadly died in 1998, he was nick named ”Lito” , during the 30’s he bought a big sailing boat like about 39 to 40 feet long, It was specially made to race with really strong winds, for it to move it needed winds stronger than five kilometers per hour, only to move , in english it was named “The Great”, it participated in many international tournaments, that took place here in Cartagena, Colombia. It won five of twelve tournaments, “The Great” had fame all over the world during those times. When my great grand father went a bit too old for sailing”The Great”, he passed this boat to my grand father, he continued to participate in the tournaments, he took really good care of the boat. In one of the tournaments, “The Great ”, was in the 6th position, hurryng to get to first, awfully it crushed with the 5th boat, leaving a big hole, that was imposible to repair ,that hole send the boat to the “trash” ,leaving good moments away. My grand father after this tragical moment was left with nothing but his life ahead but nothing else.

When my dad was born there was no “The Great” , so at the age of 16 he started to sail a different boat called sunfish wich is a boat that is around 12 to 14 feet long. My dad went really good at this, and participated in tournaments. The most importants were the nationals wich he went to 16 of them, his best position was a 1st, another tournament were the world wide tournaments, he only went to 6 of them, his best position was a 17th of 134 boats to compeit with, he was known around the world because of his fight to win tournaments. All of this happiness and popularity, finished when he joined the army, now he is working for them. He is 44 right now, he is still sailing but not compeiting.

Now it was my turn, I was born in September, 13 ,1994, but until 5 or 6 month I started to sail, a different kind of boat, the Optimist, this great idea came to my grand father when he saw that my dad was not compeiting, so he told me to start to sail, so I stated to sail. I don’t have anything great to say about my little sailing life I got. I have participated in only one tournament wich was an international one, I won 1st place amateur, 8th place general, off course I was really happy with those results in my first tournament, also my ranking in Bolivar, Colombia, for optimist, is 2nd place, and amateur in Colombia, I am # 1 .

Why do I sail? Well, because it has passed through my family , this tradition has been the gratest, and also because sailing is in my blood! I hope to sail until I died, and pass this history to my children and then they to theirs and so on…

(The first Photograph is something like “The Great”, The second is a Sunfish boat, and the third one is a optimist).

Monday, October 02, 2006

:.My Problems and Solutions.:

Have you had problems? Well everyone has, but I have special ways to deal with most of the problems, if it comes to me to deal a problem, I always breathe slowly, I calm down and start to talk and think how to deal with it, if I don't know how to deal with it I usually get help from other person, who can deal with it or help me with it.

There are different situations, the most hard to deal with is when I have little time or when I am under pressure; first, I tell the person to calm down while I do the same thing;second, I tell the person to repeat what is her/his problem , while I think of something to solve that problem, If the person is hurt(not physically) , I make that person feel happy, telling her/him, special things. The thing that I usually do is to tell every body to calm down and not to hurry, that is a habit I usually do while solving most of problems.

A perfect example, when I use this strategies was, when I was about 11 years old, when I was at a soccer game in Cartagena, in the Campito 2010, and I was the goal keeper for my team. Almost at the end of the match everybody from my team was at the other side of the court traing to make a goal, something happened and it was one of the other teams forward coming to me with the ball on his feet ready to kick, so I also went running to him, to stop him, and I tackled him very hard, and he finished on the floor, and he was hurt, to the other team came up to me to complain, I had little time, and I was stressed, my mistake was that it wasn't necessary to tackled him. Not to lose was the most important factor to make that mistake.Some thing happened when i was tryng to solve this problem that was that they didnt calm down so I just went to the hurt player and apologize, because i couldnt do any thing.I couldnt make anything about it, just apologize, and the foul was counted as a goal. I hope not to make mistakes like this in my life, and I hope you dont make mistakes like this also.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a midfielder that playes for the best team Manchester United, from the United Kindom.
Cristiano Ronaldo has gone from a small island,from Portugal, in the middle of the ocean to the top of the soccer world. Soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, was born on February 5, 1985 on the island of Madeira, which is a few hundred miles south of Portugal. He began playing in a small team for the island of Madeira. Cristiano Ronaldo was a huge soccer star on the Island but he moved 600 miles to Lisbon when he was just 12 years old to play for Sporting Lisbon's youth team. The move was a difficult one for Cristiano, since he was away from his family.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Teenage Soccer Star
His very good managing of the ball, and goal-scoring touch made him a teenage star. He played his first game for Sporting Lisbon in the Portugal Super League when he was 17 and quickly became known as one of the most known young soccer players in the world. His skills were different from other in the world and he was known since he was 17 troughout the world. Cristiano Ronaldo's talent caught the eye of Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson, who bought him from Sporting Lisbon for 20 Million US dollars. He scored the opening goal for Manchester in their 2004 FA Cup victory and helped Portugal advance to the finals at Euro 2004. His fabulous footwork have now made Cristiano Ronaldo one of the most popular players in Europe. Know playing in the best team Manchester United with number 7 at the back of his shirt, he is young, and a good future in soccer awaits him.
I also think he is a very good player and that he is the best player in portugal and hopefully in the world.

Monday, September 25, 2006

My Reflections Of Blogger

I have had my blog since exactly 4 weeks from now. My expectations for having this blog were very different in some ways.
First of all I feel very good of having a blog and i think is very fun to have it, second I thought that having this blog it will be free and that you could write everything you want, but off course with the class rules. Those were some things i espectate for having a blog.
What is harder or easier about blog?¿
For me nothing is harder of maintaining the blog wich is very good, but I thought that having a blog was going to be very hard to be.
How do you fell about it now?¿
Having and maintaining this blog is very fun thing to do and I hope to keep this blog and make it better within time.
Has youre feling change from the beginning?¿
My felings of having this blog have change a little, like i say in the begginning I thought this was going to be more fun but still it is fun to write, publish, and see other people blogs.
Were you surprised because of the experience?¿
In some things, yes , most of them because of what i thought having a blog was.
This is what i have been feeling since i had this blog, i hope to make this blog better.:)

Monday, September 18, 2006

My team, My PASION! Manchester United!!

Manchester United, for me and absolutely for everybody is the best team ever right know it is second in his league, that obviously Manchester United is going to win, it is only the start for the team and I hope they win all games you can go to this page(to see the position table click here) to see the position table of the premiership league. This is the best team it has very good players, and its hope to win. I hope you like this team. Next game is versus Benfica FC, off course my team is going to win that easy game. To see all features and news and everything go to this page ---

~ |Response post of 3 Skeleton Key| ~

I just read a very interesting story called Three Skeleton Key. It is suposed to be scary, but the author tried, but else it is a nice story to read.

For me it has been the coolest story i ever read, also when I read when the three persons that were working at the lighthouse were traped =) I liked that part , in english class. Some parts in this story makes me remember some of my childhood experiences, like when in the story there is a ship sinking I remember when i was a kid that I was in a fast boat, looking at a boat show and every body was looking at the best showing boat, and it crashed a coral and it sanked.

And in one part of the story I was suprised because all the amount of rats surruandeed a 100 or more meters lighthouse!

But the point here is that I liked the story and I hope you read it.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

never forgotten...:;9/11

In a normal day in Manhatan, New York, in September,11, 2001, in the early morning, that everybody was going to work at the WTC, like a normal day of the year. Everybody turned their head up it was just a plane, until they heard the big ''BOOM'' .
At 8:46.30 A.M, flight 11 from American Airlines,a Boeing 767-223, crashed completly on the south tower of the WTC. Same thing happened at 9:02.52 A.M, another plane, flight 175 of United airlines,a Boeing 767-222, crashed into the South Tower of the WTC.
The fatalities were in the thousands, with 2,973 people killed, including 246 on the four planes, 2,602 in New York City in the towers and on the ground, and 125 at the Pentagon. Among the fatalities were 343 New York City Fire Department firefighters, 23 New York City Police Department officers, and 37 Port Authority police officers. All of this happened in that same day ...9/11


Monday, September 11, 2006

Steve Irwin dies

Animal lovers are crying the death of the cocodrlile hunter, Steve Irwin. He was killed by a Sting ray filming a documental on the Great Reaf Barrier near
Australia,on September 5th 2006; he was 44.
As he swam over the poisonus Sting ray, the tail spike him in the chest damaging his heart on the act.
Every country around the world especially Australia were depressed with the death of Steve Irwin. Prime Minister Jonh Howard was closed to tears when heard the deaht of Steve Irwin; he told:

I really do feel Australia has lost a wonderful and colorful son, He took
risks, he enjoyed life, he brought immense joy to millions of people,
particularly to children. He was a wonderful character. He was a passionate
environmentalist. It's such a terrible loss.''

This article was written by; Suzane Freeman, in a article in Scholastic News, the article called ''Crocodile Hunter Dies.''

I almost cried when i saw his death on CNN after i came from school. Im still very sad with his death. I just wish to see more of his recent documentals, I love them, and I hope nobody forggets the death of the great hero, Steve Irwin.